VUME Upper Mantle of the Earth

Paleo-Spreading. Paleo-Spreading Rate.

The fracture zone lineations are correlated with sparse shipboard bathymetric identifications of fracture zones and thus can be used to determine paleo-spreading directions in uncharted areas. The high density of altimeter profiles reveals previously unknown details in paleo-spreading directions on all of the major plates.

There are over 70 occurrences of manganese oxides throughout Scotland; of these, only 13 are sufficiently well developed to be worthy of description.
The well developed deposits of manganese oxides are categorized on the basis of the formation processes. The chemistry of marine sedimentary exhalative deposits can be related to the paleo-spreading rate of the once-active ridge and, under favorable conditions of stratigraphic preservation, be used to estimate the halfwidth of the ancient ocean.